Welcome to Abby’s Fine Jewelry Designs where whims and ideas become reality.


 We are a custom jewelry shop that specializes in all precious metal such as PLATINUM 18-karat and 14-karat white and yellow gold. Our designs showcase some of the most beautiful DIAMONDS and COLOR GEMS. We have the ability to create any design you may dream up or have seen in a magazine or jewelry store. Every piece of jewelry is hand made with a lot of attention focused on detail and finish. Our designs are on the fore front of jewelry fashion and is of the highest quality 

For the past 20 years we have been making jewelry for some of the high end jewelry stores at South Coast Plaza and Newport Beach.


We have made some unique pieces of Jewelry for some famous people such as Cher from Sonny and Cher, Barron Davis, Cris Wilcox, Darius Miles, Eddy Curry and Eddy Danials who are all basketball players. We also created pieces for Eazy-E and NWA. You could see a recent piece worn by "The Game" on his new cd cover.


I have designed and made the piece worn by Kenyon Martin on the cover of "Dime Magazine".


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